Dudy Guard

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dudy guard
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../Edition: 1 / 1

../Object: complex
../Matter and technique: CNC turning, painted wood
../Measures: 17,311296 mt3
../Weight: 13449,45 kg

DESCRIPTION: Dudy Guard is the title of a digital photo taken from the f' personal archive. The file size is 508 Kb, and it is composed of 513,315 pixels in 256 colors. a software, developed by the engineer G.D. has calculated and located the pixels for each color in the image. This documentation is used to transform each pixel into a wooden half-cube (4x4x2,5 cm) painted with a varnish derived from the original RGB code of the pixel. Each color that makes up the entire image is referred to as a "work portions". Each portion is accompanied by a folder that contains a data sheet indicating where it is located in the digital grid of the original image and a sales contract, which states that the portion is authentic only if the buyer does not own any other portions of the same work. The price of each portion is proportional to the cost of production of the same. Therefore prices vary from a few euros to a few thousand euros. So far f' has made 15000 wood pixels, for a total of 30 work portions, 400 KG, 23 m2 and 0.5 m3. These semi-cubes of colored wood become the raw material to construct a temporary and changing installation, adapted to each new space and occasion. The possibility that the entire original image can be reassembled is limited to the remote event that all portions are made and distributed. If it were to be totally reassembled in this way, the image would weigh 13,000 pounds, occupy an area of 22.4x36.6 meters, and have a total volume of 17 cubic meters.

../#specificity: social
../#body: interaction
../#identity: technology

../Information card [pdf]: Dudy Guard.pdf


Dudy Guard, Galleria Gomiero 2012 |a bassa definizione, di Guido Bartorelli, Cleup sc 2021


2009, private residence, curated by Mara Ambrozic Venezia.
2012, Galleria Gomiero, Milano

2014, BG3 BIENNALE GIOVANI curated by Renato Barilli, Guido Bartorelli, Guido Molinari, Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna

2016, Smartup Optima, Premio di Arte Contemporanea, Napoli.

../Collection: artist archive


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