we can all be called Cosimo sometimes

fb 0008TU11

tüc as ciamumma dal votï cosimo
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#environmental installation #site specific #monument

../Edition: ind

../Object: reactivable
../Matter and technique: salix viminalis, amorpha fruticosa, clayey soil, sand, straw, beeswax. site specific playable monument

DESCRIPTION: The Hornero is a small bird belonging to the Furnariidae family that builds its nest by mixing earth and straw and moulding it to a form appropriate for its body and for its building technique. f' in collaboration with architect Emanuele Cavallo in a performance that lasted ten days without rest, lived in a tree to build their nest using earth dug on site and mixed with plant fibers and water. They enacted an ancient craft that humans still continue to perform in many parts of the world. The nest was built with their body specifically for that particular tree in the center of town. This work explores the relationship between empty and filled spaces, drafting the basic form from which the space emerges, through a process of addition and removal of material. Tüc as ciamumma dal votï Cosimo (We can all be called Cosimo sometimes) is a tree house built in the center of the town for those who want to observe the world from a different perspective. It is a site specific playable monument that lasted for several year as long as the local community wanted to keep it alive.

../#specificity: geographical social
../#body: interaction
../#breath: heterodetermined
../#imagination: biophilia
../#identity: technology

../Images: https://photos.app.goo.gl/EWBKyHnr97ZZTrHK7
../Information card [pdf]: we can all be called Cosimo sometimes.pdf


Par coii bsogna semnà, Frassineto Po. curated by Daria Carmi

../Collection: artist archive


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