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#encumbrance #installation

../Edition: ℏ

../Object: reactivable
../Matter and technique: installation: mdf, stainless round head bolts. Drawings:marker on acetate paper, pencil on paper
../Measures: variable
../Weight: variable

DESCRIPTION: FMSTMS is a work of "encumbrance of space", built in close resonance with architecture, and of re-proposition in a different location of a natural element experienced by f'. FMSTMS is constructed following a long bodily and experiential process that f' carries out starting from the identification of a giant erratic boulder, visible in linear perspective from the window of his studio. Through a walking path, the artist forges a physical and mental relationship with the large serpentine granite rock, transported there by the expanding glaciers during the erratics. The process of knowledge of the rock is composed through a daily, symbiotic and tactile relationship between f' and the rock, to the point of identifying itself as a study or refuge of belonging. The installation, reactivated specifically for each space and exhibition occasion, shows the development of knowledge of the rock and the mastery of its shapes and volumes, measurements that f' makes with atavistic technical tools, borrowed from science and archeology. The expansion of the designed mapping of the boulder “finding” becomes an inclusive tool for the spaces of the gallery, which welcomes and introduces the bulky heaviness of the revived rock.

../#specificity: geographical
../#body: passive experience para_performance
../#breath: heterodetermined
../#imagination: biophilia
../#identity: technology

../Information card [pdf]: frommystudiotomystudio.pdf


2014, D.M Gallery, Napoli.

../Collection: artist archive


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