the thermal beings

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thermal beings
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#interactive installation

../Edition: 1 / 1


../Object: simple reactivable
../Matter and technique: Interacting spatial installation: drawings, sculpture, oil painting on wood, holographic and sound system.
../Measures: varying dimensions

DESCRIPTION: The Thermal Beings takes its cue from an apparently useless activity, stubbornly carried out during the artist's unproductive downtime in his studio: the systematic survey of the flight paths of some gnats influenced by the temperature of the surrounding environment. Graphic jumbles on more or less random sheets are rigorously inventoried with date, time and environmental conditions. From here a research between scientific rigor and divertissement develops, between otium and negotium in a stratification of scientific, literary, philosophical and historical references. The title of the work, The Thermal Beings, originates from a suggestion of the writer Jorge Luis Borges. In the adjacent space, a room immersed in darkness welcomes the viewer: here, in the center, a holographic light grid floating in mid-air, reproduces the trajectories of gnats. Beyond it, a presence in half-light enters the scene: it is a small sculpture, the Dancing Sorcerer, which recalls the theriomorphic figure typical of prehistoric wall paintings. The fluid, vitalistic dimension between man and nature that characterizes this primordial type of human artistic-ritual expression exorcises the complex relationship with a world far removed from today's anthropization. However, in the apical moment in which we physically approach its ideal center, the hypnotic holography and the chiaroscuro of the sorcerer vanish. The turning on of the lights in the space reveals the mise en scéne suspending the possibility of grasping a sense beyond the apparent, dramatic opacity of the insignificance of the Thermal Beings.

../#body: interaction
../#breath: heterodetermined
../#imagination: political_act biophilia
../#identity: technology pseudoscience

../Presentation [pdf]: f_archive_TB.pdf
../Information card [pdf]: the thermal beings.pdf


Making Sense, Palazzo Pretorio, Cittadella. 2015. isbn 9788867875443


Making Sense, Palazzo Pretorio, Cittadella. 2015

../Collection: artist archive


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