Walking through the walls

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hic sunt dracones
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#video VR 360 ambisonic

../Edition: 5


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../Object: simple
../Matter and technique: video VR 360° ambisonic
../Measures: 39' 50''
../Weight: 16.89 GB

DESCRIPTION: this work is a medium-length film in VR 360 format made from the video footage recorded live during the exploratory and performative venture performed by the artist and his team; that is, a climb made sideways along the north face of an Island in the Mediterranean Sea. In this work, the viewer becomes the protagonist of the climb although he or she is given no opportunity to control the progression, suspended between the sky and the sea on a rocky European coast, which geologically belongs to the African sod. With a montage designed to create a physical and tangible link between the artist, his experience, and the performance acting on the viewer, the work was conceived so as to challenge the psychophysical endurance of the digital navigator. Also disguised in the narrative are various digital intrusions, glitches, voice-overs, and objects that appear suspended in the virtual sphere, translating into an individual and always unique journey. This work insists on themes that include the geopolitics of the border, the manipulation of information, and error as a gap between physical and altered reality. The video is completed with a specially crafted soundtrack by musician Bienoise.

../#specificity: thick_place
../#body: experience para_performance
../#breath: hyperextension
../#imagination: political_act
../#identity: technology

../Images: https://photos.app.goo.gl/K1taACuvDQiq3pF28
../Videos: https://youtu.be/V5HzeqJNnDQ
../Information card [pdf]: Walking through the walls.pdf


2019, Mediamatic Center, Amsterdam.

2019, Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro, Milano

../Collection: artist archive


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