hic sunt dracones


hic sunt dracones
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../Edition: 1
../Site/times: sala Re Pubblica, Museo Madre. Napoli

../Object: reactivable
../Matter and technique: Interacting installation in Virtual & Mixed Reality with ambisonic audio, realized with UNITY software system and visible through VR Wireless VIVE pro™ system.

DESCRIPTION: Project made possible by the support of the DGCC under the Italian Council program, 4 th Edition, 2018. Hic sunt dracones is an immersive interactive installation in virtual reality. Hsd is the product of a long and complex research project carried out over several years curated by Chiara Pirozzi and developer with the production house Recipient. cc. Hsd originates from an exploratory venture carried out by the artist and his team: a sideways climb along the northern cliff of an island on a rocky coast that geologically belongs to the African tectonic plate but politically to Europe. “The name of the island has been excluded from all references in the work and from all the texts that the book. It is the only piece of information that, in a work that has its genesis in the progression of data, has been eliminated by necessity in order to allow the artist to pursue his reflections, his poetics and his political gesture along multiple geolocalizations.” The exploratory action has been mapped with the aid of advanced digital technologies. These have transformed it into an individual and unique route where up-to-date Virtual Reality technologies blend with insights generated from themes such as the manipulation of information and the ‘error’ as a gap between physical and altered reality. The result is a disconnect between present time and that of experience, as well as a sensory distortion in hybrid and over-stimulated environments. The strongly dematerialised nature of this installation, tries to redefine the space of vision, models of use and narrative experiences through interaction with the individual, the only tool that can activate the work. The work transforms itself into a space where urgent issues such as the spectacularisation of the concept of the frontier and the impact of the digital technologies underpinning big data on the biopolitical dimension of contemporary society can be researched. The artist's book is an integral part of the work which, thanks to a hypertextual and stratified reading, expands to the research basin elaborated by the artist.

../#specificity: thick_place
../#body: experience
../#breath: hyperextension
../#imagination: political_act
../#identity: technology

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../Videos: VR experience demo
../Information card [pdf]: hic sunt dracones.pdf


Hic sunt dracones [Postmediabooks, 2020 – ISBN 9788874902781]



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